Talk to a Brick Wall

eclectic-bathroom Exposed brick is a fundamental design element in industrial décor. It gives a traditional sort of edginess (no, that’s not an oxymoron) to the room, a refreshing change from all of those smooth walls. Putting (or keeping) a brick wall in a bathroom is a great way to add some character in an unexpected way. […] Keep reading →

Top Ten Tiny Taps

Danze Amalfi Two Handle Mini-Widespread Lavatory Faucet Working with a preexisting bathroom? Found the perfect vanity, just there’s one little problem? If you’re stuck with a four-inch faucet hole but hate the cramped look of the classic centerset faucet, don’t worry – I have the solution for you. Mini widespread faucets, also known as wideset, minispread, or centerspread faucets, give you the look […] Keep reading →

Decorate Your Bathroom for Halloween!

eclectic-powder-room Hosting a Halloween party? Getting into the “spirit” (ha ha) of things? Or maybe you simply like the holiday colors? It’s fun to decorate – temporarily or permanently – for Halloween. If you’re just throwing a party and want to scare the living daylights out of your guests (or your family), try the awesomely spooky […] Keep reading →

Not Just For Pigs: Trough Sinks

long-trough-bath I’ll admit, the word “trough” in relation to anything to do with my home sort of turns me off. Most likely because the first time I encountered the word was in Charlotte’s Web. But trough sinks are striking, sensible, and sophisticated – and so popular that I’m beginning to feel my word association shift. Available in […] Keep reading →

Bright & Cheery Kids’ Baths

modern-bathroom Kid-oriented spaces are, by far, the most fun to decorate. It’s easier to embrace bright colors, eclectic furnishings, bold patterns and graphics, and pieces that you’d hesitate to use elsewhere. So if you have a dedicated kids’ bathroom, go all-out! These nine bathrooms go way beyond the standard fish-patterned shower curtain and matching toothbrush holder. […] Keep reading →

A Few of My Favorite Things: Copper Tubs

tropical-bathroom It’s truly soaking in the lap of luxury: a tub made out of a precious and beautiful material. Copper tubs are timeless and ageless; in fact, they get better with age as they develop a natural patina over time when left untreated. And as a bonus (as if anyone really needs the extra incentive), copper […] Keep reading →

Amazing Accent Walls

contemporary-bathroom Accent wall, statement wall, feature wall – whatever you call it, you’ve seen it everywhere (unless you live under the proverbial design rock). A single wall painted or tiled to stand out from the other walls and create a focal point in a room, accent walls are wildly popular. With popularity and trendiness, however, comes […] Keep reading →

Animal-Shaped Faucets

Chrome Swan-Shaped Lavatory Faucet This one’s for the animal lover in your house. You’d be surprised to find out how many animal-shaped accessories you can get for your bathroom: toothbrush holders, hooks, shower curtain rings, cups, even mirrors: But unfortunately, animal-shaped faucets are few and far between. So I’ve done the detective work for you! Here are some of […] Keep reading →

Bathroom Wall Art

contemporary-bathroom …the good, the bad, and the downright ugly. Wall art is intensely personal. One man’s trash is another’s treasure and all that. Obviously, if there are pictures of it on Houzz, there are people (or at least one person) who think it is beautiful. And who are we to tell them otherwise? I’ve found some […] Keep reading →

Leaf Green Bathrooms

contemporary-bathroom While I’m looking forward to the explosion of fiery, vibrant color that will be blanketing our trees (and our sidewalks) any day now, I’m still savoring the lush greenery before it changes color and inevitably dies. Leaves come in so many different shades of green – from bright lime to deep forest and everything in between […] Keep reading →