The Best Tiny Vanities

featured Just about everyone has a too-small bathroom. If you’re lucky, it’s an “extra” one that you can use as a powder room or seldom-used guest bathroom. But for most regular folk, that bathroom is an important one. The experts advise pedestal sinks and consoles to give the room an open feel. Which is a great […] Keep reading →

Open-Concept Bathrooms: Love It or Leave It?

open concept There’s a craze that’s been sweeping the architectural world for long enough that its popularity is starting to wane: open-concept everything. What exactly does that mean, for the woefully uninformed among us? Open-concept is basically an open floor plan, with minimal walls and separation between “spaces.” So, for example, the living room, dining room, kitchen, […] Keep reading →

April Showers Bring May Flowers

featured …that’s what gets me through the dreary, rainy days like today, after a teasing few days of beautiful sunshine. At least the flowers will be coming soon! To perk up a bathroom in true spring style, what could be better than flowers? Flowered bathrooms and fixtures always run the risk of looking like they belong […] Keep reading →

A Tub for Everyone: Accessible Walk-Ins

featured If you’re living with a disability or planning on aging in place, you may have dismissed the idea of long soaks in the tub. Don’t give up on it yet! You have more options than ever before when designing your accessible bathroom. You’re no longer limited to curbless showers and grab bars; check out these […] Keep reading →

Beautiful Blue Ceilings

blue ceiling Decorators everywhere agree: blue is one of the best colors for a bathroom. It’s soothing, spa-inspiring, reminiscent of the sky, and just about every shade is perfect for a bathroom. Do you love blue but don’t want to commit to a dominantly blue room? Here’s an easy way to get your blue fix: paint the […] Keep reading →

Luxurious Japanese-Style Soaking Tubs

MTI Designer Collection Jasmine 3 Freestanding Soaker Tub Do you love nothing more than a good, long soak in a tub full of steaming water? There are not many simple pleasures in life more relaxing than a bath. Unfortunately, due to downsizing, space constraints, and the new trend of eliminating the bathtub from master bathrooms, many of us are left without a tub. […] Keep reading →

Four Fab Floor-Mount Faucets

Vola FS2 Free Standing Floor Mounted Basin Faucet (Try saying that five times fast!) With the rising demand for freestanding bathtubs, floor-mount tub fillers are becoming increasingly popular as well. Their less common cousins, the floor-mount lavatory faucet, is dramatic and stylish, perfect for vessel sinks freestanding basins. These four can help you make a sophisticated statement in your bathroom: This one is […] Keep reading →

Freshen Up For Spring

spring_bathroom Spring is here! After a long, cold, dreary and miserable winter (that ain’t quite over yet… but let’s focus on the positive here), I’m ready for some springiness in my house. Luckily, it’s easy to achieve a great, crisp look in any bathroom, whether you want spring cheer year-round or you’d rather change up your […] Keep reading →

“Rock” Your Bathroom!

featured With all the natural materials used in bathrooms – marble, granite, pebble tile, even onyx – most of us probably feel like we can safely say that our bathrooms are in touch with nature. Those materials, however, are largely treated – polished, honed, cut and shaped. What does the real nature enthusiast use to decorate […] Keep reading →