A Few of My Favorite Things: Seashell Sinks

The Allstone Group Sea Shell Lavatory Vessel Is there anyone who hasn’t been enthralled by a seashell? Beachgoers galore comb the shores every day in search of the perfect specimen. It’s no wonder so many folks like to display them in their bathrooms. Unfortunately, that particular practice can easily cross the line into tacky territory. These seashell-shaped and -inspired sinks, however, don’t even […] Keep reading →

Obsession: Live Edge Wood

live_edge_floor Move over, onyx - there’s a new contender for coolest counter material. Live edge wood slabs are as close to natural as you’ll get without carving your next bathtub out of a fallen tree or a boulder. They’re versatile – practically endless combinations of grain, thickness, and stain – and will complement any decor. Could it […] Keep reading →

Frosted Glass Cabinets

Ronbow Solis Vanity Cabinet fronts can be tricky. Do you want flat panel? Recessed panel? Shaker-style? How about glass-front? They add a beautiful lightness and openness to any bathroom. But for neat freaks like me, the thought of glass cabinets is nerve-wracking. I shudder when I consider the fact that my cabinet contents must be super-organized at all […] Keep reading →

Rubber Ducky, You’re the One

how-to-clean-bath-toys-rubber-duck This one’s for all you kids-at-heart. Who doesn’t smile watching Ernie scrub his little ducky? I know I do. Rubber duck collections aren’t just for the kids. There are serious die-hard collectors out there, and the cute yellow fellows are popping up in bathrooms everywhere. They’re a great way to add an unexpected element of […] Keep reading →

Have a Seat!

MTI Teak Shower Seat Now that your shower is equipped with a great shower niche to hold all of your essentials, it’s time to make it even more accessible, comfortable, and practical (not to mention beautiful). You may not be a fan of bathtubs, but you have to admit that it’s nice to be able to sit down in the […] Keep reading →

Finding Your Niche

shower niche With the rising popularity of shower-only bathrooms (homeowners opt to take out the bath and install a large, luxury shower), we’ve lost an important components of bathtubs: the ledge! Now we need to find new places to precariously balance our shampoo bottles so that they can slip down onto unsuspecting toes when we put them […] Keep reading →

The Touchless Bathroom

LightInTheBox Solid Brass Bathroom Sink Faucet with Automatic Sensor There’s a huge billboard that I drive past every day extolling the virtues of the Kohler Touchless toilets. It got me thinking about the abundance of hands-free bathroom fixtures available on the market today: faucets, toilets, soap dispensers… Check out some of the best ones. Faucets are the obvious starting place for automaticizing your bathroom, […] Keep reading →

Furniture-Style Vanities

American Standard Studio Vanity With all the “clean lines” and minimalism that’s so popular today, it seems that many of us have forgotten what a beautiful piece of furniture looks like. Sure, some are into antiques and classic styles, but modern furnishings lean toward the streamlined and sleek side. What’s a traditionalist to do? Don’t worry just yet. The […] Keep reading →

How to Use Pink in a Bathroom

Maax Optik Freestanding Air Tub Pink is one of the trickiest colors in home decor. When it’s applied correctly it can look fresh, feminine, springy… you name it. Used incorrectly, it looks like you had a bad Pepto-Bismol spill. So does that mean that you should be afraid of pink even though it’s one of your favorite colors? No way! Pink […] Keep reading →

Five Elements of Nautical Style

featured So you absolutely love nautical style when you see it in interior design magazines and on Houzz. But when you try to pull it off yourself, you find that you’re not quite as savvy as those who are featured in interior design magazines and on Houzz. Anchors! Portholes! Lighthouses! Shells! There are so many options, yet […] Keep reading →