Rustic Bathrooms Done Right

rustic-bathroom I’m not the biggest fan of the country-ish, log cabin look. I prefer softer colors and clean lines to a heavy or distressed woodsy style. But once in a while I’ll see a rustic bathroom or fixture that’s so beautiful, unusual, or simply well-done that I find myself reconsidering my attitude towards rural decor. These […] Keep reading →

It’s a Polka Dot Party!

Bathroom-decoration-with-polka-dots-1 As you may recall, I like roundness. Polka dots are my favorite pattern. So when I see a spotted bathroom or product, I immediately file it away for the future (like when I finally get around to redecorating!). As you can imagine, I’ve compiled quite a list. Here are just some of my favorites: What a […] Keep reading →

Would You Dare? Wet Baths

featured It’s become increasingly popular in Europe, but aside from RV configurations the wet bath has not quite taken off in the US. It’s a brilliant concept: tile the entire bathroom, put a drain in the center, and do away with separate shower areas. For everyone who would love to turn that tiny half-bath (or even a […] Keep reading →

Shape Up: Triangular Bathrooms

Double Triangle Vanity, via Despite the popularity of chevrons, triangle-shaped bathroom fixtures can be hard to find; most are round, square, rectangular, or oval. But never fear, three-sided polygon lovers: there are triangular bathroom furnishings! And we’ve compiled a list of the best ones (and what makes them the best ones). Vessel sinks have made practically every shape possible. […] Keep reading →

The Five Best Fall Colors for Your Bathroom

fall_featured It’s September, and you know what that means – fall is coming up! After growing up in a warm climate without much seasonal change, I absolutely love the crisp air and the riot of color on the trees in the autumn. Fall colors are exceptionally beautiful, and they can look gorgeous year-round in your home. […] Keep reading →

A Few of My Favorite Things: Bath Mats

Untitled Bath mats, or bathroom rugs, are often chosen by default: they match the shower curtain or the towels. But why shouldn’t you have a little fun with these oft-ignored pieces and let them become a focal point rather than a function-only fixture? These awesome mats are sure to transform your bathroom from blah to beautiful. […] Keep reading →

Coolest. Bathtub. Ever.

Bathsphere by Alexander Zhukovsky 2 You’d think that we’ve exhausted all possible options when it comes to bathtubs, right? Unusual shapes, custom colors, luxurious materials, jets, lighting, sound systems… it’s hard to find a tub that truly impresses us. Prepare to be impressed once again. The Bathsphere, an incredible new design by Alexander Zhukovsky, shatters all bathtub norms. No, your […] Keep reading →

Unique Themed Bathrooms

outdoors Some people avoid making everything in their bathrooms “matchy-matchy” so as to avoid looking ridiculous. But there are just as many who embrace matchiness with open arms. Those are the ones who will roam from one end of the earth to another in search of the perfect shower curtain, bath mat, soap dish, mirror… whatever it may […] Keep reading →

Awesome Modern Pedestal Sinks

Tea Cup Sink by Meneghello Paolelli Associati Modern furnishings are often regarded as too sterile, too plain, too minimalist. Where is the detail? The interest? The beauty? These eight striking pedestal sinks are here to prove that modernism doesn’t have to be boring. Which one would you love to see in your modern bathroom? Keep reading →

Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose

Native Trails Bordeaux Wine Barrel Vanity It’s old news that regular furniture can be repurposed as sink chests, vanities, and other bathroom fixtures. But did you know that sinks can be repurposed too? For a truly unique look, try turning an unexpected item into a bathroom sink. What kind of unexpected item, you ask? Here are six great examples of repurposed sinks […] Keep reading →