Awful or Awesome? Mediterranean Bathroom Tour

mediterranean-bathroom Once in a while I’ll stumble across a truly different bathroom. Yes, many bathrooms have interesting features that make them memorable, but it’s rare to find a bathroom that is so totally out there that it makes you scratch your head and wonder who came up with the design. This Mediterranean bathroom is the perfect […] Keep reading →

A Few of My Favorite Things: Floor-Mount Faucets

signorini-rubinetterie-zeus-floor-mount-faucets There’s something inherently cool about freestanding faucets. Maybe it’s the novelty factor; perhaps its the overall grandeur of an oversized fixture. Regardless of what makes them awesome, floor-mount faucets are the perfect way to add some zing to any bathroom. These eight are examples of the finest floor-mounted faucets available today. Check them out and tell […] Keep reading →

Funny Bathroom Signs

Untitled The unfortunate “Keep Calm & Carry On” craze spawned a frenzy of useless signs that hang throughout homes everywhere. I mean, really, do we need a sign in the kitchen telling us to “EAT” or trendy “motivational” phrases in our home offices? Now it’s even trickled down to bathrooms, with signs reminding us to brush […] Keep reading →

Beautiful & Unusual Backsplashes

modern-bathroom Your backsplash has the power to make or break your bathroom. Installing a backsplash can take your bathroom from dull to dramatic, from wan to wow. Of course, you can choose the standard mosaic or subway tile, but you run the risk of having a bathroom that looks like everyone else’s (and will be totally […] Keep reading →

Ultra-Luxurious Showers

Loop In the not-so-distant past, a great tub was the most important part of the bathroom. But now people are dismissing soaks in the tub for larger, more luxurious showers with multiple body sprays, rain shower heads, handheld showers, and even sound systems and aromatherapy, among other opulent features. These three spectacular showers are sure to […] Keep reading →

Use That Space: The Toe Kick

rustic-bathroom Did you know that you have extra space in your bathroom? Everyone’s always on the lookout for more room. While this space won’t allow for that much storage, you can use it for an added dose of design in an unexpected place: the toe kick! Yes, that space under your vanity. You can use it for things. […] Keep reading →

Try Bamboo for an Asian Vibe

bamboo While wood is commonplace in many (if not most) bathrooms, bamboo is one of the rarer woods used. It’s an unfortunate omission: bamboo is a hardy, affordable, and attractive wood that can be used in innumerable configurations, styles, colors and shapes. Just scroll through these pictures and products and you’ll agree: bamboo is sadly underutilized. […] Keep reading →

Talk to a Brick Wall

eclectic-bathroom Exposed brick is a fundamental design element in industrial décor. It gives a traditional sort of edginess (no, that’s not an oxymoron) to the room, a refreshing change from all of those smooth walls. Putting (or keeping) a brick wall in a bathroom is a great way to add some character in an unexpected way. […] Keep reading →

Top Ten Tiny Taps

Danze Amalfi Two Handle Mini-Widespread Lavatory Faucet Working with a preexisting bathroom? Found the perfect vanity, just there’s one little problem? If you’re stuck with a four-inch faucet hole but hate the cramped look of the classic centerset faucet, don’t worry – I have the solution for you. Mini widespread faucets, also known as wideset, minispread, or centerspread faucets, give you the look […] Keep reading →

Decorate Your Bathroom for Halloween!

eclectic-powder-room Hosting a Halloween party? Getting into the “spirit” (ha ha) of things? Or maybe you simply like the holiday colors? It’s fun to decorate – temporarily or permanently – for Halloween. If you’re just throwing a party and want to scare the living daylights out of your guests (or your family), try the awesomely spooky […] Keep reading →